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Racing Games For Gaming Devices And Free PC
Racing Games For Gaming Devices And Free PC

If you can’t get behind the steering wheel to drive a real race car then the next best thing might be to grab a controller and play car racing games.  Now we know that playing a race car game can never be as exhilarating as driving a hot lap on a race track, but with a little imagination maybe it’s a close second.  If you are looking for racing games to play there are a few options that you can choose from. 

First we can’t go any further without recognizing Electronic Arts ( EA ), which is the world’s #1 independent publisher and developer of video games, including racing games for PC’s and home gaming devices.  If you are looking for free racing games to play on your computer than your best bet is the internet.  There are hundreds of free race games on the web that you can download onto your pc and play an unlimited number of times for no money at all. 

If you are a owner of a gaming console like Nintendo, Xbox or Playstation don’t worry there are tons of racing games for these devices also.  The only catch is that they are not free, you will have to dole out some cash to purchase your racing game of choice.  If you have some favorite racing games that you think our readers would also enjoy playing than leave us a comment with the info.  I’m sure we all would enjoy playing them if they’re any good.

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