how to setup a 3 link suspension

3 Link Suspension Set Up, Design And Installation
3 Link Suspension Set Up, Design And Installation

The endless amount of ways for placement of links and flexibility in suspension design has many do it your selfers learning how to setup a 3 link suspension. This type of suspension can also accommodate roll under steer and anti squat which also adds to the popularity of the three link suspension. Below are some of the steps you will have to do in order to install your own three link suspension.

Step One: Go ahead and inspect the your car for any alignment or frame damage.  Measure the wheel base and cross wheel dimension in order to make sure the car is correct.  Now you are ready to remove the fuel tank and brake lines leading to the axle and don’t forget to drain them first.  Also disconnecting your battery would be wise and removing your back seat and carpet should make your job easier as well.

Step Two:  Align a plumb bod along the quarter panel as a way to get the wheel axle center and make a mark of this point with a piece of tape on the edge of the quarter panel.  Now it is time to set your car up on jack stands, with both the front and rear off the ground, so that you can get to the undercarriage with ease.  Make sure that it is level and then begin removing the rear axle assembly, leaf springs and all supporting hardware.

Step Three:  After cutting out the cross members and mocking up the proper fit for your new cross members and axle assembly go back and retake your measurements a second time to ensure they are correct and then start welding everything into place.  After doing this immediately check your clearance and make any necessary cuts to correct any problems. 

From here you will begin fitting sheet metal to close up any exposed areas and depending on your project you may have to fit a new tray, rear box and verify clearance of the upper control arm mount.  You will also have to fit the drive shaft tunnel area by welding new sheet metal into place to secure the position of these parts.  Typically the last thing you will do is install the differential housing, align  and position pinion angle set to finish out the job. 

Now clearly these steps are an abridge description of what is a very detail oriented task that one who takes this on will be undertaken, so do take the time to over gather information.  This will ensure that your project goes efficiently and is done correctly and most importantly safely.

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