Joey Logano Wins His First Nascar Race

Logano Is The Youngest To Win A Nascar Sprint Cup Race
Logano Becomes The Youngest To Win A Nascar Sprint Cup Race

That’s right, Joey Logano Wins His First Nascar Race by taking the checkered flag at the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.  Logano’s nickname is “Slice Bread” and he may just be the best thing since considering that winning this race makes him the youngest driver to win a Nascar Sprint Cup event. 

But as if that wasn’t enough, let’s not forget that the young talented and charismatic driver of the No.20 Toyota also is the youngest winner on record in the Nationwide Series when, at the tender age of 18yrs old, he took home a victory at the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta.  Joey has won at every level of racing that he has competed in and as a result there is no argument about whether he has earned the right to compete on the highest level of stock car racing.

And with the support of the Joe Gibbs Racing Team behind him I think it’s safe to expect that this young man will win many more  races throughout his career in Nascar.

2004 caviliar sport performance modifications

2004 Cavilier Sport Performance Modifications
2004 Cavalier Sport Performance Modifications

With the popularity of the euro sport compact you probably wouldn’t have guessed that 2004 caviliar sport performance modifications like these are in demand.  Just like the euros you can find all types of of  accessories on the market for the Chevy cavalier. You can buy everything from the AEM Cold Air Intake System and Magnaflow’s Cat-Back Exhaust System to a Borla Round Intercooled Exhaust Tip, AEM Serial DataStream Gauges, Davis Car Chip EX, Escort Solo S2 Radar and that’s just scratching the surface of what is available in the 2004 Cavalier Sport Performance Modifications retail market.

camping around lowes motor speedway

Area Map For Visitors Camping At Lowes Motor Speedway
Area Map For Visitors Camping At Lowes Motor Speedway

Here is the area map showing all the locations where camping around lowes motor speedway is allowed.  As you can see on the map, highlighted in turquoise, Lowe’s offers five options for race fans looking to camp out near the track.  Prices are very affordable and for your convenience shuttles are available to run you back and forth to the track on event day.

If you can’t get a spot at one of these locations than you can also try the Tom Johnson Camping Center Racing Resort at Charlotte, which offers 352 sites equipped with all the amenities and only a short walk from the track ensures you are never too far away from all the excitement. 

1969 hemi dart

1969 Dodge Dart GTS
1969 Dodge Dart GTS

The Dodge Dart was introduced to the racing community back during the 60’s with the cream of the crop being the 1969 hemi dart.  Now the problem with this is that in 1969 the top sport model for Dodge was the Dart GTS and actually the Hurst Hemi Dart was the premiere stock car in 1968.  Both cars came equipped with a V8 engine: the dart gts with 290 bhp/ 118 mph and the hemi dart with 425 bhp/ 140 mph.  These stats and the unlimited possibilities for making performance modifications led these cars to be regular contenders on the drag strips of the NHRA.

Best Western and Nascar

Best Western Sponsors Nascar
Best Western Sponsors Nascar

After traveling to the race the first thing every weary fan wants to do is check into their hotel room and that is why Best Western and Nascar have teamed up.  Best Western is the Official Hotel Sponsor for Nascar and all of the fans who want a great place to lay their heads after attending a day full of race festivities that lead up to the actual race.  Now admittedly the last place you are gonna want to be during a Nascar race weekend is in your hotel room but trust me at the end of the night your back will appreciate the comfortable bed in a best western room. 

Not just known for its relaxing rooms, Best Western is also the world’s largest hotel brand with a staggering 4,000 hotels located in over 80 countries.  So if nascar ever decides to cross the ocean you should have no problem reserving a room for your travels. You can also take advantage of the special deals and featured hotel packages when planning your next trip to a Nascar race.  BW makes it very convenient to reserve a hotel room, flight or rental car simply by visiting their website. 

And finally Best Western has also put together, specifically for Nascar fans, a program that they call Best Western Speed Rewards.  The Speed Rewards is a FREE rewards program that allows race fans to earn points or airline miles by simply staying at any Best Western Hotel.  Any of the speed reward points that you accumulate can be exchanged for Nascar merchandise or redeemed for a free nights stay.  So if you are a fan of Nascar than maybe it would be worth your while to take a closer look at the rooms and amenities that Best Western Hotels have to offer and maybe you will become a fan of theirs as well.

helicopter charter flight new zealand

Racing Fans Charter Flights To New Zealand
Racing Fans Charter Flights While In New Zealand

Maybe not your first thought when you think about racing but taking a helicopter charter flight new zealand is a great way to see the country and the races.  New Zealand is a popular destination for a vacation getaway and if you are a race enthusiast than you’ve got to check out the racing scene in this country while you are there. 

The people  here are into all types of racing from A1GP vintage and muscle cars, WRC, FIA and CAMS to name a few.  Many race fans visiting New Zealand will charter flights to get around with one of the more popular charters being the helicopter charter flight hawkes bay.  Hawkes Bay is a centralized location for getting out and attending some of the competitive local car and motorcycle racing.

Let us know, in the comment section, what you thought about the racing scene after your visit too Hawkes Bay in New Zealand.

how to lower motorcycle

How To Lower Choppers, Sportbikes And Trikes
How To Lower Choppers, Sportbikes And Trikes

For those bike enthusiasts who are wondering how to lower motorcycle the right way here is one suggestion of several.  On many bikes you can lower the front end up to an inch by adjusting the preloaded spacers that keep the fork springs compressed.  For the rear end you can use lowering blocks which are also spacers that allow you to reposition your rear shocks bottom mounting point further back, subsequently lowering the back of your bike.

Now if you plan to tackle this on your own than it would be wise to take your time and proceed slowly throughout every step because any adjusting to far could cause your bike to be damaged.  We would suggest that you also visit one or two motorcycle forums and seek the input of other riders who have tackled this on their own.  This should help you avoid any mistakes. 

Some other options that you might want to look into are adjustable shocks to lower your motorcycles rear end, raising the fork tubes in the triple clamp, lowering link kits, progressive suspension and fork kits.  One other thing to consider for all my racers and aggressive riders is that lowering your bike will also reduce the bikes cornering clearance so it would be wise to refamiliarize yourself with the new limitations of your bike, so you know just how far you can push and still be safe.

Pass Time

Pass Time TV Show
Pass Time TV Show

You a fan of drag racing, then you have to see an episode of Speed TVs ” Pass Time “ tv show that showcases horsepower, driver skill and contestants knowledge.  The premise of the show surrounds around the host Brett Wagner who doles out the cash too the three contestants who compete against each other by trying to guess what will be the fastest time run between two cars racing down a quarter mile drag strip. 

Now there are a couple of twists in this drag racing game show.  The first being that one of the contestants is actually a permanent part of the show.  His name is Ken “The House” Herring and he is good at guessing timed runs no matter if it’s a dragster, hot rod, import, motorcycle or any other type of high horsepower driven vehicle.  So the other two contestants not only have to compete against one another but also have to try and beat out this ringer or otherwise let him win all the cash. 

In order to have a chance at getting close to the lap time each contestant gets to ask one question from only one of the drivers about his or her vehicle.  Based on that answer and the other two answers from the questions asked by the other contestants they then have to key in their guesses.  The other twist  that makes this racing game show interesting is that the drivers and their vehicles are made up of everyday racing enthusiasts like you and I rather than professionals.  On any giving episode you can have a 30yr weekend veteran of the dragstrip going up against a 19yr old novice.  A one man race team against a fully staffed driver looking to reach the pro ranks in NHRA. 

You get the idea and like I said if you enjoy the sound of growling horsepower, burn outs and ten second cars roaring towards the finish line than watching the television show Pass Time should become your new passtime.

c monster part r thunder tiger truck

Thunder Tiger RC Truck Racing
Thunder Tiger RC Truck Racing

One of the most popular build kits in gas powered remote control racing is the c monster part r thunder tiger truck which is sold in several versions.  Thunder Tiger Trucks are designed for all out RC racing  with ultra wide suspension arms, heavy duty chassis, a lower body stance and quick handling response that makes these rc trucks ideal for intense competitions. 

The Thunder Tiger ST, GT and GT RTR are just a few of the models aiming to become the industry standard for rc nitro powered competition ready stadium trucks.  All of these versions come with engines that produce tons of reliable horsepower necessary to win a race.

dunlop go cart tires

Dunlop Kart Tires
Dunlop Kart Racing Tires

If dunlop go cart tires are the brand of rubber that you would prefer racing your kart on than the best place to start is here.  You most likely want to start your search with Russell Karting Specialties, Inc., which is the exclusive U.S. tire distributor for Dunlop Kart Racing Tires.  Dunlop offers several models under the category of dry kart tires and a wet kart tires, designed to meet all of the ratios and regulations set by the kart sanctioning body.  All that’s left is for you to choose a set that fits your racing requirements.